walking shoes

Apr 30th, 2008 knitting, other

I am gradually taking pictures of all my older knitting patterns so that I can add them to my Ravelry notebook. As I was getting ready for work yesterday, it occurred to me that I should snap a quick picture of my older pair of Jaywalkers, with the Puma high tops that I love. That yarn is an extremely soft merino from Maine Woods Yarn…

good, bad and the lacey

Apr 27th, 2008 books, knitting

I’ve been a bad knitter this weekend, since I’d been telling myself I’d use the time to get caught up on knitting my Sunrise Circle Jacket, and I’ve barely touched the thing. That sweater is in one of those project slumps, because it requires long rows of stockinette, but they aren’t mindless enough to whiz through, since each row has different instructions and they all…


Apr 25th, 2008 yarn p8rn fridays

Here’s another yarn from the vault of “I’m not sure when or what I’ll ever knit with this, but I love it anyway.” It’s Paca-Peds sock yarn from the Alpaca Yarn Company: The colorway name is “Caribbean Chocolate,” but I think a more appropriate name would be Caribbean AND Chocolate, since the brown and the blue play nicely together but don’t blend. I haven’t been…

sock blocker tutorial

Apr 23rd, 2008 crafts, knitting, patterns, tutorials

I’m making decent progress on my Jaywalker (from someone else’s stash yarn!), so I figured I should share a WiP-Wednesday shot. The sock is looking great, but you can also see that I finally sprang for the sock blockers from the Loopy Ewe: Since I do a good amount of sock photography, plus a good amount of hand washing socks, I figured it was worth…

half circle

Apr 22nd, 2008 knitting, other

I’ve been making good progress on my Sunrise Circle jacket, even though the rows are slow going at this point. It’s a long stockinette slog, made more finicky by having to count out spaced increases. Still, the excitement about having this as a finished sweater is keeping me motivated, even though I probably won’t be able to wear it for several months once it’s finished….