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I’ve been rummaging through the archives adding older knitting projects to my Ravelry notebook. I’m glad I had this blog to help me keep records in those pre-Rav days, but I also have plenty of projects that predate even the blog, most of which I don’t have pictures of. And somehow I don’t think pictures [...]


I really like the colors of this yarn. It was part of a much-appreciated Christmastime package from Bobbi. I was inspired by both the sock yarns she sent, but this one in particular was pleasing because it’s just my colors… those earthy brown and greens are my “thing” these days, plus I’m a known lover [...]


I lived up to the meaning of my name this weekend by industriously and diligently knitting up a storm. After finishing my cardigan, I turned to working on the delightfully fuzzy Prairie Boots from Cocoknits. This is a really fun pattern, and (much like the loafers pattern) it’s neat to watch the boot take shape [...]


This weekend, I’m pleased to have both a newly finished cardigan and a sunny day to photograph it! I just shopped for and sewed on the buttons today, and since I blocked it earlier in the weekend, I can now call the Thick and Thin Cardigan Coat from Fitted Knits an officially finished object and [...]


Despite the icy weather and the bulky sweater, woolly socks and slipper knitting, I’m starting to get ready for warm-weather projects, too. I’m definitely ready for summer weather, and thanks to a Ravelry swap, my yarn stash is getting ready, too. I have 6 skeins of King Tut Cotton, which I’m thinking will become the [...]

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