progress report

Jan 30th, 2008 knitting, patterns

I’ve been hard at work during those coveted lunch-hours and evenings, expanding on the progress I made over the remarkable knitting weekend. I was able to knit and write the first of the socks I’m designing on Saturday night and Sunday, so I’ve been working on the second sock this week. The two socks are not identical – they are mirror-image instead – so writing…

pop quiz

Jan 27th, 2008 knitting, other, patterns, work

I’m working on a new sock pattern, and it occurred to me that I have a few questions before I decide where I should focus my efforts. What do you look for in a sock pattern? What features would you like to have that you don’t often see? I encourage you to use your browser’s back button to vote multiple times if more than one…


Jan 26th, 2008 cooking, knitting

This is shaping up to be a pretty productive weekend! Rob and I did our errands on Friday night, leaving the weekend days free for lots of relaxing and projects around the house. I finally finished and felted the second oven mitt for my sister, and put the finishing touches on the Malabrigo Loafers for my mom’s upcoming birthday.   I had to modify the…

london’s pride

Jan 25th, 2008 knitting, pets, work, yarn p8rn fridays

This week, I think I’m on a roll with finishing projects, which is somewhat rare and hopefully productive and satisfying. Last night I resurrected a six-month-old forgotten project, and I’ve finished with the Malabrigo Loafers (except for their soles and taking photographs..), so now I’m feeling free to start up something new. I’m not trying to make anyone jealous here, and I know we’ve already…

make mine

Jan 24th, 2008 crafts, memes, other

I guess since I’ve been nominated twice today for the “You Make My Day” Award, I’d better participate and share the love with some reciprocation and hopefully provide you with some interesting links. As many of you know, I spend a good amount of time each morning and evening perusing the blog world, checking up on projects and reading everyone’s musings. I am truly thankful…