knitting, pure & simple?

Oct 30th, 2007 knitting, work

My new job is great for my knitting. I only get a row or two done on my lunch break, but as a whole the experience has significantly increased my desire to spend time knitting, and to complete knitted things. I was a little worried that handling yarn all day would make me kind of sick of it, but the contrary has been taking place!…

unplug, wind up

Oct 28th, 2007 knitting, other

I spent the weekend in a hotel that, contrary to its advertising, lacked internet access. What a breath of fresh, chilly Wisconsin air! I hadn’t realized how addicted I am to being ‘plugged-in’ all the time, and it was nice to take a break from it. And lo! the blogosphere and Ravelry still exist today; they didn’t disappear without my constant supervision. The trip was…


Oct 26th, 2007 knitting, other, work, yarn p8rn fridays

As promised, I found some daylight hours to worship photograph the gifted alpaca yarn from my secret pal. Yes, I love how soft it is, but what I am really wild about is the heathered brown color. I adore the red and gold tones, and I’m glad it’s not just straight brown.. Knitpicks yarn can be too solid in some of their lines, but I…

SP11 Contest #4

Oct 21st, 2007 knitting, swaps

In the spirit of the giddy delight that Secret Pal 11 has brought into my life, I’m prepared to unabashedly reveal My Very First Knitting Project. The inspiration for this bag came from the brightly colored wools that caught my eye for selection, and the evolution of the finished project was shaped by my limitations as a new knitter.      Although it was originally conceived…

all alpaca, all the time

Oct 20th, 2007 swaps

7:30 on  a Saturday night is not a time you expect the doorbell to ring for a package. Poor mail carrier must be having a really long day, but I hope that her hard work was worth it for the satisfaction of bringing me joy enough to inspire the Happy Secret Pal Dance-O-Joy! Yes, what you’re seeing below is parcel from KnitPicks, showing signs of…