Sep 30th, 2007 books, knitting, work

Today I have finish-itis (not to be confused with Finnish-itis!), and I’ve enjoyed the great satisfaction of finishing both a knitting project and a much enjoyed book. The knitting has been a modified version of the Urban Rustic Gloves from Sarah Sutherland in Knitty winter ’05. This was a great project for a weekend, as I knit one glove in each of my recent days…

it continues..

Sep 28th, 2007 knitting, yarn p8rn fridays

I know I said that I’d take Wisp with me to dentist appointments and that it would be my therapeutic easy knitting, but I guess I needed lots of therapy because I finished it in four days. I would have shown it to you as early as Monday but it’s impossible to photograph! The yarn, Diane Sparkle from Australia, is such an unusual color, that…

knit Rx

Sep 22nd, 2007 knitting, other

It’s official! I have Startitis, and it’s exacerbating my Second Sock Syndrome. When I uploaded these photos a minute ago, Ravelry just told me that I have all of 5 different works in progress. Two of which I just need to knit the identical second half of. Yikes! Still, I am happy with my newest project, Cheryl Niamath’s Wisp from Knitty. I’d been eyeing the…

moody blues

Sep 21st, 2007 yarn p8rn fridays

This week’s feature is hand-dyed sock yarn, selected and generously gifted by my secret pal. She rose to the challenge of finding sock yarn to match my new shoes. Here’s Karen’s Heavenly Creations Kona Superwash Australian Merino, in the aptly named colorway Moody Blues. This yarn, and the sneakers themselves, have been breaking down my previously held prejudice against the color combo blue & black….

awesome and australian

Sep 20th, 2007 knitting, pets, swaps

What to my wondering eyes did appear but a box from Australia that’s flown through the air? Imagine my pleasant surprise today when I came home to a box all the way from Australia! You know your secret pal is from somewhere far away when they mention the weather of a totally opposite season and the estimated delivery time is measured in weeks. Boy, was…