doing dashing

Apr 30th, 2007 knitting

Right after finishing Fetching helped get me out of my temporary knitting rut, I was doing Dashing. This pattern was apt for my purposes because Rob took a look at the gloves for me and said “I don’t care if those are for girls, I’d like a pair for next winter.” Thanks to Knitty and Cheryl Niamath, I knew right where to go for a…

fetchingly finished

Apr 29th, 2007 knitting

I took advantage of some downtime this weekend to finish off a pair of Fetching – my third – that had been languishing thumbless for far too long. The yarn is Louisa Harding Grace – 50% wool 50% silk blend. I originally bought this yarn in Olive to make the Christmas bowtie for Pieter, but when I was shopping for it the purple ball leapt…

fiber arts

Apr 27th, 2007 crafts, knitting, other

It’s spring, the time when many animals are sheared so that their fiber can benefit others. Myself included. I went to Twisted Scissors today, and came away with a haircut I’m really pleased with– it’s a great time of year to shed hair and inhabit a new look. Especially when it was almost 5 years worth of hair growth! I truly have been sheared, in…

when animals attack

Apr 24th, 2007 books, pets

Don’t you love when all the different aspects of your life show off their hidden harmony, and synchronized coincidences link up into recurring themes? Someone I met named Cornflower called this ‘being on time,’ as in, I may be late to work because I was in the aquarium store, but I was perfectly on schedule to get take notes on life’s lessons. Tonight’s post’s coincidence…

fast fare

Apr 23rd, 2007 knitting

Here in stark contrast to the seemingly endless Pimlico Shrug is Erika Knight’s Cable Sweater, a remarkably quick knit clocking in at 7 days. I haven’t decided yet whether to include the sequin embellishments called for in the pattern, but that won’t be an issue any time soon since I’ll need 20-degree weather to wear it. The pattern calls for Rowan Big Wool, which I…