toe that rocks

Mar 9th, 2007 knitting, work

I’ve a bit of progress to show on the STR sock… a toe! I decided to knit a plain ol’ stockinette sock for my first time with this yarn, to let the colors and the blooming texture speak for themselves, and also because mindless knitting is what I like to take to work and also along on my mom’s vacation in a few weeks. I…

socks that spin around neatly on toys

Mar 7th, 2007 knitting, other

        It’s time. Time that I find out for myself what all the hype is about. I’ve bought myself some Socks That Rock yarn, and I am totally wowed by the colors, and all set to try it out on some socks. I thought the colors of the Cracked Canyon colorway looked a little funny in the skein, but now that I…

frog pond, future pondering

Mar 5th, 2007 books, knitting

I tried on the nearly-completed Tofutsies sock, and because it was arguably too small for me, the tension of stretching around my ankle created an unsightly ladder between the SSK’s and the K2tog’s of the chevron pattern. But I really do like this yarn! I was particularly taken with the color pooling of the slip-stitch reinforced heel which I had continued throughout the sole to…

the muffin man

Mar 5th, 2007 cooking, crafts

There I was, wearing a handknit sweater, using handmade oven mitts to take the muffins from scratch out of the oven, when it hit me: I’d like to learn basket weaving. I don’t have a thing to put these warm fresh muffins in! All snuggly with a clean cloth napkin..

finished object!

Mar 4th, 2007 books, knitting
raglan seed V

It took since November but today I blocked and am wearing America’s Next Top Raglan.. no wait, that’s what I’ve been watching with all my spare time since the knitting is done. What I finished was Emily’s First Bulky Raglan, using the raglan schematic from Ann Budd’s book and 1239 yards of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash. The colorĀ  isĀ  a gray/green/steel blue, SW160 “Prairie…