pop in

Apr 12th, 2007 sewing, work

I wanted to take this opportunity to show off the hard work we’ve been doing at Bombpop. Due to differences in marketing strategy, only half of our spring line is on display online, and although you can buy that half on the website, a common web viewer would miss out on the other half: our really cute linen summer wear, which I am extremely proud…

the meeting

Apr 4th, 2007 other, sewing, work

The meeting, originally uploaded by standardD. My sewing, hard at work! Or in this case, my skilled hot-glueing. I made the costumes for Rob’s short film. Looks clowny to me! Notice the tropical paradise background. I got another bite today on the costume making for a theater production. I’ll probably accept the job after I find out more details to verify it’s not a sinking…