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Mar 31st, 2008 crafts, sewing, work

If you take the fact that I don’t think I’ve even touched my sewing machine since June (around the time Bombpop relocated out of state) into consideration, it’s pretty surprising that I started & finished a sewing project over the weekend. However, if you take into account how out-of-control my burgeoning pile of knitting needles is, it’s a darn good thing I put this needle…

beginning to button

Oct 14th, 2007 knitting, sewing, work

When I realized I was within reach of finishing the Buttony Sweater, the idea of having a brand new garment to sport on my first day of the new job became an all-encompasing obsession. I knit aggressively all weekend, and I’m rewarded with a great new sweater in a rustic, autumnal tweedy brown that’s perfect for the newly turned weather and for those make-a-good-impression jitters….

heart-felt and hand-made

May 18th, 2007 books, crafts, other, sewing, work

Earlier today I made some stitch markers on a whim. (Hmm, I wonder where the dividing line is between a whim and an addiction…?) These will be part of my secret package for my downstream in the No Sheep For You secret swap. Lucky gal doesn’t even know she’s getting more than some sheepless yarn out of the deal! Thanks should go to the recent…

going green

May 1st, 2007 crafts, other, sewing
green stitch markers

Many thanks to Prissy for this lovely set of green stitch markers, which completes our share of the Favorite Color Stitch Marker Exchange. You can see the fun pink set I sent her here. What’s that I’m hearing?? Distant cries of “But Emily, green isn’t your favorite color! You’ve always said it’s orange!” ?? Well my friends, I’m now ready to announce that my favorite…


Apr 14th, 2007 books, knitting, sewing

Through no small amount of determination and intense desire to wear the Pimlico Shrug, I made a fair amount of progress on it this weekend. I finally finished the eyelet pattern which makes the body of the sweater. Here it is during steam blocking– I’m going to need a bigger work table! Have I mentioned that I love Brooke’s steam-shooting iron? After that I crocheted…