opening day

Apr 6th, 2009 motif monday

Welcome to baseball season! While I’m not the most die hard sports fan out there, I love being a Cubs fan in Chicago. Living and working on the north side, you can really tell when there’s a home game from the general mood of the city, the amount of blue shirts, and of course the terrible parking and traffic! Loving the Cubs is a classic…

bumble bee

Mar 30th, 2009 motif monday

I figure it’s been long enough since the penguin to release another animal for the Motif of the Week. I’m trying not to overload you with too many animals/foods too close together, but there are a lot of those on my list! While animal motifs seem like a really obvious choice because of how cute and universally appealing they are, they pose a challenge because…

april showers

Mar 23rd, 2009 motif monday

For those among you who are strictly orthodox in their observation of holiday and seasonal themes, I am probably about a week early with today’s motif. Maybe the umbrella would have been a good way to inaugurate April’s charts with a little seasonal rain. I just couldn’t hold this post back, though! The simple lines and plain colors of this graphic make for a really…

pot o’ gold

Mar 16th, 2009 motif monday

One of the really fun parts of the motif of the week series is that it’s weekly, so the changing seasons or passing holidays can help inspire the theme. I am not normally the type to decorate for a holiday or get too excited about seasonal customs, but when the cuteness of little knitable charts is involved, it seems natural to indulge in the festivities….

vitamin A

Mar 9th, 2009 motif monday
carrot swatch

Today’s motif is a carrot! Don’t you just see Bugs Bunny ready to chow down on this deliciously healthy vegetable? I really like the way this swatch came out– I don’t know why knitting pictures of veggies is so entertaining! Another way vegetables can be extremely entertaining is fully explored at this NSFW link, which I stumbled upon while looking for a good carrot model…