May 11th, 2009 motif monday

I’ve been seeing watermelon things everywhere these days! It seems like every time I turn around, I notice something else that is either watermelon theme or pink/green colored. Is the watermelon color scheme supposed to be hot this year or am I just noticing it more right now? Either way, the obvious response to this phenomenon: if you can’t beat ’em, watermelon ’em! Or maybe…

stormy skies

May 4th, 2009 motif monday

Today’s motif doesn’t really fit with our current weather or my current mood, but I think it’s a versatile and appealing Motif of the Week anyway. It’s an adorably menacing (or is it menacingly adorable?) thundercloud with lightnight bolt… Zap! I realize this is the second rain-related motif in the collection already… I’m a recovering Portlander, what can I say? The previous motifs and the…

paw print

Apr 27th, 2009 motif monday

I’m thinking that today’s motif will be a popular one… people who love animals tend to really LOVE animals! Who doesn’t know a dog owner or two who treats their pets like their children, complete with wallet-sized photos and birthday parties? The pawprint motif is for them– wouldn’t it look nice on a felted bag or pet bed? Please don’t get the wrong impression– I’m…

country kitchen

Apr 20th, 2009 motif monday

I know I always ask you for suggestions for weekly motif themes, but here’s the evidence that I make good on your requests! Back in March, Zonda suggested raspberries, and I’m really glad she did because today’s swatch came out great. So get your ideas in! I will fulfill them in something similar to the order in which they are received. I’ve been trying to…

ice cream

Apr 13th, 2009 motif monday
ice cream cone

What do I need to say about ice cream? It’s the perfect accessory to any dessert, it’s a delightful treat on a hot day, it makes a mean cake and is generally hard to resist. My all-time favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, but I figured that iconic vanilla would make a better knitted swatch. Right-click the chart below to download it for your…