letter A

Dec 14th, 2009 crafts, etsy, motif monday
letter A motif swatch

Today’s Motif of the Week is brought to you by the letter A! Well, more accurately, I am bringing you the letter A this week. I know have mentioned here recently that I’ve got ants in my pants for a new hobby, rubber stamping. Rob came through with an early holiday present, faithful enabler that he is, and we ordered the tools and materials needed…

the key

Nov 24th, 2009 motif monday
knitted swatch of key motif

The key to knitting these intarsia motifs is: bobbins. I don’t wind my yarn onto actual bobbins, but I use several different strands to serve their purpose. In lieu of physical bobbins, I just cut the working yarns into several lengths: long enough to hopefully not run out before the swatch is done, but short enough to easily untangle with a few simple tugs. Especially…

nigiri sushi

Nov 16th, 2009 motif monday
knitted sushi (nigiri)

I think I’ve said before that I’m trying not to do too many food images for the Motif Monday series. Now I know why I should stick to that intention… Working on this swatch and writing this post is making me hungry! I’m a huge sushi fan, and if you are too, then today’s Motif should be instantly recognizable for you. Nigiri sushi pieces are…

autumn acorn

Nov 3rd, 2009 motif monday

I know I promised to start producing by-request motifs, but I couldn’t resist another seasonal one first. I just love autumn… October and November are easily my favorite months of the year, and the seasons really do affect the direction of my creative endeavors, and I had to do a fall-theme motif this week. An acorn! I’m still tinkering with a full-foliage fall tree, and…

pumpkin personality

Oct 26th, 2009 motif monday
knitted jack-o-lantern chart

Sorry. ‘Tis the season for seasonal imagery! So many of these late-in-the-year holidays and climatic changes are just so iconic, they beg to be made into knitting charts. I had to go there! Besides, now somebody’s desperate need to embellish a knitting project with a jack-o-lantern chart can now be fulfilled. Every year in late October, I am always very impressed by the people who…