Aug 18th, 2007 books, cooking, swaps

Tonight was all about being spoiled! On the way out to the corner store for some last-minute ingredients for our late-night cookie craving, I found a delivery in the mail from my secret pal! I don’t know what’s more exciting, the thrill of being spoiled by a speedy and thoughtful upstream pal, or the thrill of planning lots of great new knitting projects! To be…

the muffin man

Mar 5th, 2007 cooking, crafts

There I was, wearing a handknit sweater, using handmade oven mitts to take the muffins from scratch out of the oven, when it hit me: I’d like to learn basket weaving. I don’t have a thing to put these warm fresh muffins in! All snuggly with a clean cloth napkin..

candy coated

Mar 3rd, 2007 cooking, knitting

Knitting with the candy-colored Tofutsies has really affected my psyche and my diet! The colorway continually reminds me of all sorts of different candy, and as I knit through it I call the colors by their corresponding artificial flavoring: grape, tangerine, orange, raspberry, and of course strawberry. All that dreaming of taffy and gummis and suckers finally came to a head when strawberry Jell-o leapt…