frog pond, future pondering

Mar 5th, 2007 books, knitting

I tried on the nearly-completed Tofutsies sock, and because it was arguably too small for me, the tension of stretching around my ankle created an unsightly ladder between the SSK’s and the K2tog’s of the chevron pattern. But I really do like this yarn! I was particularly taken with the color pooling of the slip-stitch reinforced heel which I had continued throughout the sole to…

finished object!

Mar 4th, 2007 books, knitting
raglan seed V

It took since November but today I blocked and am wearing America’s Next Top Raglan.. no wait, that’s what I’ve been watching with all my spare time since the knitting is done. What I finished was Emily’s First Bulky Raglan, using the raglan schematic from Ann Budd’s book and 1239 yards of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash. The colorĀ  isĀ  a gray/green/steel blue, SW160 “Prairie…

knitting with guts

Mar 2nd, 2007 books

I love the library because I get to peruse all sorts of books I wouldn’t ordinarily buy. It’s great to browse brand new knitting books to decide for myself whether they’re something I need or want for my permanent collection. I just got Michael del Vecchio’s this week, but what I really love about it isn’t the charming photographs and unusually masculine yet good looking…

vampires vs. pirates

Feb 21st, 2007 books

My current reading theme is vampires– I am taking a brief hiatus from the bizarre medical/horrifyingly infectious diseases category. For my commute, I have Dracula on audiobook– and wow am I wowed by this book. I thought I didn’t even like frightening genres! But I am so completely transfixed by the rich description and carefully crafted suspense, that it seemed only right to try out…