heart-felt and hand-made

May 18th, 2007 books, crafts, other, sewing, work

Earlier today I made some stitch markers on a whim. (Hmm, I wonder where the dividing line is between a whim and an addiction…?) These will be part of my secret package for my downstream in the No Sheep For You secret swap. Lucky gal doesn’t even know she’s getting more than some sheepless yarn out of the deal! Thanks should go to the recent…

when animals attack

Apr 24th, 2007 books, pets

Don’t you love when all the different aspects of your life show off their hidden harmony, and synchronized coincidences link up into recurring themes? Someone I met named Cornflower called this ‘being on time,’ as in, I may be late to work because I was in the aquarium store, but I was perfectly on schedule to get take notes on life’s lessons. Tonight’s post’s coincidence…

books review

Apr 21st, 2007 books, knitting

Working at the library comes with the excellent benefit of perusing all the new knitting books that come in. Much of the time I don’t find anything that calls to me, because my style tends to be younger and more obscure than the mainstream of knitting design. Occasionally though, a pattern or yarn or idea will really attatch itself to me. With that in mind,…


Apr 14th, 2007 books, knitting, sewing

Through no small amount of determination and intense desire to wear the Pimlico Shrug, I made a fair amount of progress on it this weekend. I finally finished the eyelet pattern which makes the body of the sweater. Here it is during steam blocking– I’m going to need a bigger work table! Have I mentioned that I love Brooke’s steam-shooting iron? After that I crocheted…

green and growing

Apr 8th, 2007 books, knitting

I’ve been seriously remiss in posting about my project of the moment, the Pimlico Shrug from Knit 2 Together. I’ve had pictures ready since it looked like the above shot! Nowadays it’s more like this: The large eyelet pattern is a lot of reasonably easy fun to knit; there’s only 1 row in every 8 that require counting. The rest is essentially relaxing knitting, purling,…