pins and needles

May 3rd, 2008 books, knitting

I finished knitting the Fabulous Filigree scarf from One Skein Wonders earlier in the week, but I waited until this weekend to find the time to give it a proper blocking. It’s so fun to get it all stretched out into it’s final form! And great to watch the lace eyelets open up and come to life. I modified the pattern slightly to achieve a…

good, bad and the lacey

Apr 27th, 2008 books, knitting

I’ve been a bad knitter this weekend, since I’d been telling myself I’d use the time to get caught up on knitting my Sunrise Circle Jacket, and I’ve barely touched the thing. That sweater is in one of those project slumps, because it requires long rows of stockinette, but they aren’t mindless enough to whiz through, since each row has different instructions and they all…

living the dream

Feb 12th, 2008 books, knitting, memes, patterns, swaps

Today I am living the dream of finally wearing socks that match my blue and black sneakers. The shoes aren’t as shiny and new as they were back when I hatched the idea, but I think that well-put-together feeling is worth the waiting.   My formerly-secret pal rose to the challenge of finding yarn to match the sneaks, and she really did a perfect job….

switching to swatching

Jan 16th, 2008 books, knitting, work

I knew it would be very hard to compete with the widespread and international attention that my last post received, so I decided there was only one thing to do. Amaze and astound my dear readers with that most wondrous, exciting part of knitting… swatching. Hold on to your hats, folks! We’re talking washed and blocked swatches. Can you handle the excitement? I’ve had a…

beach read

Dec 26th, 2007 books, knitting, other

At this point, I’m so tired from the exertion that is airline travel to say too much about our heavenly and all-too-brief trip to Puerto Rico. It was wonderful to be with family. It was delicious to be warm and well-fed. My sock yarn matches the scenery perfectly.   I’ve got loads of loot, knitting goodies (new yarns, books, and family heirlooms), and project inspiration…