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flaming gossamer

In going through my stash for a yarn to post today, I realized I’ve got something of a yarn problem. I really love laceweight yarns, and I do enjoy the challenge and endurance test of knitting lace. (I’m having a ball with Maplewing, slowly but surely.) So, I should be thrilled that I have a [...]

noro kureyon

Here’s the background information on today’s yarn. Remember when I showed that rustic yarn in my stash, saying it’s destined to be paired with another for a striped sweater? Also, you know that striped sweater I am almost finished with (just need to knit the button bands!)? Well, including this stuff, I actually have two [...]


So many of you expressed positive ideas about how last Friday’s yarn would knit up, that it really motivated me to start a project with it right away. Last winter, Rob was very picky about his choices for gloves, which is a difficulty for someone with larger-than-normal hands. He doesn’t like to have his hands [...]


I recently got a Traveling Scarf in the mail to work on, and the starter square was done in a left-slanting diagonal stitch pattern, so I chose the following motif to add to it. I figured a right-slanting square would set off the previous pattern nicely. I chose the Lacy Diagonals pattern from page 145 [...]

the lace reader

Last week, I spent a good chunk of my working hours thoroughly enjoying the audio version of The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry. I used to listen to audio books frequently when I had a long commute by car to my job at the library, but I had fallen out of the habit. The Lace [...]

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