Things I have cozied:

Mar 10th, 2011 knitting, work

A lot of inanimate objects tend to develop jackets when there is a knitter around. The most recent victim suspect specimen is the French Press coffee maker in my kitchen, now toastily insulating its content under a shroud of alpaca and Kidsilk Haze: The French Press Cozy knitting came about because I was committing a major knitter’s faux pas: using my hot water bottle cozy…

one good turn

Oct 8th, 2010 social, swaps, work, yarn p8rn fridays

I just love knitters. Isn’t it amazing how the connections we make between other fiber enthusiasts on the internet can turn into something really special? Recently I’ve been donating some of my time to the Design Donors, a Ravelry group for helping new groups get set up with their theme decor, for people who may not possess the skills or software to do it themselves….

baby bubbles

May 21st, 2010 knitting, work

The last in my series of “professional photos of my professional knits.” This hat and sweater set I did for Knit Picks, to show off a classic KP pattern in a new yarn, the dyed and heathered colors of the Simply Cotton Sport. My favorite aspect of this project was probably the cute little “ears” detail on the hat. My least favorite aspect was definitely…

baby booties

May 19th, 2010 knitting, work

I think knitters universally agree that baby stuff is great to knit. It’s satisfyingly quick to knit and it’s just SO darn cute! An item’s adorableness exponentially increases as its size scale diminishes. Knitted grown up slippers? Pretty neat, OK. Knitted baby booties? OMG squee! This booties and hat set is a sample knitting project I did for Knit Picks back around New Year’s. I…


May 14th, 2010 crafts, knitting, work

One thing about all the knitting-for-hire I’ve been doing is that I can’t show the pictures of my work online for varying amounts of time after the project is due. For the projects I do for Knit Picks, I just have to wait until the next catalog cycle or website update when they launch their newest features. For some other publishers I’m working with, the…