going green

May 1st, 2007 crafts, other, sewing
green stitch markers

Many thanks to Prissy for this lovely set of green stitch markers, which completes our share of the Favorite Color Stitch Marker Exchange. You can see the fun pink set I sent her here. What’s that I’m hearing?? Distant cries of “But Emily, green isn’t your favorite color! You’ve always said it’s orange!” ?? Well my friends, I’m now ready to announce that my favorite…

fiber arts

Apr 27th, 2007 crafts, knitting, other

It’s spring, the time when many animals are sheared so that their fiber can benefit others. Myself included. I went to Twisted Scissors today, and came away with a haircut I’m really pleased with– it’s a great time of year to shed hair and inhabit a new look. Especially when it was almost 5 years worth of hair growth! I truly have been sheared, in…

tickled pink

Apr 9th, 2007 crafts, other

When I heard that someone liked pink, I got really happy! Not about the color itself as much as participating in another Stitch Marker Exchange, and one with so fun a theme for me as favorite color. I hurried to check my stash for pinkish things! You’re seeing bits now of what I was able to find, and I look forward to going out foraging…

the muffin man

Mar 5th, 2007 cooking, crafts

There I was, wearing a handknit sweater, using handmade oven mitts to take the muffins from scratch out of the oven, when it hit me: I’d like to learn basket weaving. I don’t have a thing to put these warm fresh muffins in! All snuggly with a clean cloth napkin..