up with uptown

Oct 8th, 2008 knitting

I’m finally working on the second of my pair of Uptown Boot socks, a pattern which I love for its overall texture and generously comfy cuff. I’m also really excited about the way the Yarn Nerd colorway is working out on this pair, since the consistently mottled color blending complements the rolling bumpiness of the cable pattern. As with the first sock, I’m finding this…

mysterious monday

Oct 6th, 2008 knitting

Here’s my Mystery Stole project through this week’s clue #5. This clue was easier to knit because of the increasingly wide stockinette sections, but it took me longer to get through because my enthusiasm for the design is flagging. I really like the textured stitches and the curving lines, but I’m not as excited about the straight diagonal lines. There is one more clue to…

sock love

Oct 4th, 2008 knitting

My carry-along project for the past few weeks has been the socks from the Loopy Ewe 2nd anniversary kit. (I’m linking to the pattern on Ravelry here but I don’t recommend trying to spell or pronounce the name.) I love these socks! It’s mostly because of the yarn, but the colors and the fit also help to make this my new favorite pair of socks….


Oct 1st, 2008 knitting

The seasons are definitely changing here in Chicago, and with the change of weather comes every blogger’s worst nightmare: the shortening hours of daylight make the opportunities for taking web-worthy pictures few and far between! The new season might be bad for setting up photoshoots of my knitting, but it’s great for actually getting that knitting done! I’ve been motivated to work on my Sunrise…

mysterious monday

Sep 29th, 2008 knitting
ms4 clue 4

The consecutive clues of Mystery Stole 4 keep amazing me every week: while the emerging lace is obviously unified into one design, Georgina has managed to delineate each clue so that it’s a complete surprise and nothing you would expect based on the previous week’s chart. How many more surprises could be in store? It sure is fun, and I’m finding it totally worth it…