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At first, I was considering holding onto this design, to launch it in February to celebrate my blog’s third anniversary, but I just can’t contain it any longer. Thanks to the suggestions of several fans of the Skyline Mittens pattern, I’m proud to release the pattern for the matching hat! I just love the way [...]


I don’t know about this. I’m normally a confident knitter, but I’ve always had a “thing” about making hats. I’ve never been totally pleased with any hat I’ve made, usually the fit is off, and sometimes everything is off. Since I generally take pride in my ability to handle challenging knitting projects, and most people [...]


According to my website analytics, having my patterns linked to from Knitting Pattern Central has been the biggest source of traffic to this blog.  Obviously, if you are looking for fiber arts content or knitting patterns, this is your type of blog and you’re in the right place. However, there is part of my blog’s [...]


OK, let’s get the basics out of the way first: I knitted this amazing Macro Lace Cardigan, much of it during our cross-country drive, and it’s made out of 4 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in Pearl Ten, so it’s wonderfully soft and comfy. I apparently have a thing for Laura Chau patterns this season! I’ve [...]




I finished my handspun cowl over the weekend. I feel like I can hardly make a fanfare over finishing a one-skein garter-stitch rectangle, but I do love the finished result. The cashmere blend yarn is extremely soft and squishy, just right for neck-wearing. The design is a simple one, inspired somewhat by Wisp. As I [...]

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