Lined Snow Mittens knitting pattern

Jan 17th, 2021 knitting, patterns

Lined mittens are extra warm because of the insulating space trapped between the layers. The inner layer is soft and warm on your hands while the outer layer helps keep snow and moisture out, and the air caught in between adds a buffer against extreme temperatures.  Making mittens double layered also allows you to combine a variety of yarns to take advantage of the properties…

woodland walkways socks

Oct 13th, 2020 knitting, patterns

Here’s a sock pattern. I created the charts, raw pattern text and knitted the sample, but other than that I had nothing to do with the sock club it comes from. The outfit that put together the sock club stopped doing business a long time ago, and took my design into oblivion with it. So, if you want, download it before it disappears again.

Skyline Hat

Nov 24th, 2009 patterns

At first, I was considering holding onto this design, to launch it in February to celebrate my blog’s third anniversary, but I just can’t contain it any longer. Thanks to the suggestions of several fans of the Skyline Mittens pattern, I’m proud to release the pattern for the matching hat! I just love the way the Skyline motif played out in hat form. To my…

pearl’s paper

Oct 27th, 2009 dyeing, knitting, patterns

I don’t know about this. I’m normally a confident knitter, but I’ve always had a “thing” about making hats. I’ve never been totally pleased with any hat I’ve made, usually the fit is off, and sometimes everything is off. Since I generally take pride in my ability to handle challenging knitting projects, and most people count most hats among easy knitting projects, this is a…