Feb 20th, 2009 yarn p8rn fridays

If I was feeling really creative and had more time before I have to leave for work, I would write a poem for this post in honor of the featured yarn! That’s because it is a skein of Ellyn Cooper’s “Yarn Sonnets,” and it seems like a sonnet would be the most appropriate way of describing it! Oh well– not today. Maybe when I knit…

night and day

Feb 6th, 2009 spinning, swaps, yarn p8rn fridays

Oops, I forgot to blog this week. I’ve changed my schedule and have been working out during the morning moments I used to set aside for blogging, and I haven’t yet found the way to work regular blogging back into the schedule. Also, I’ve been in a total knitting slump this week – all of my projects have gone untouched, except my sock project that…

spun saturday

Jan 17th, 2009 spinning, swaps, yarn p8rn fridays

Hmm, “Fiber Saturday” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, you know? Please address any complaints to my scheduling department. I’m showcasing this yarn because I can’t believe I just traded it away! It’s my handspun, and I think it’s so lovely… but I never got any ideas on what to make with it, so I’m trading it for more spinning fiber so at…

become bloggable

Jan 9th, 2009 yarn p8rn fridays

Oops, it looks like I forgot to post this week! I have some things I’ve been meaning to post about, but all of them either need work or knititng time to become more “bloggable,” and time is something I’ve been short on this week. I did start a colorwork mitten with this neat yarn: When I was visiting Connecticut, I spent my holiday gift certificate…

project possibilities

Jan 2nd, 2009 dyeing, yarn p8rn fridays

Is it Friday? This is the weirdest week! Between a travel day, two work days, and a holiday, I’m completely confused as to what day of the week it’s supposed to feel like. My blogorhythm is telling me to do a Fiber Friday post, but to me it feels like a bizarre Monday! Anyway: This is Reynolds Icelandic Kurlie Lamb that I got in a…