wild feet

Nov 30th, 2007 knitting, yarn p8rn fridays

In terms of Fiber Friday, today’s yarn has already been a feature— back in the days when the sun streamed in the windows! It’s Wildfoote from Brown Sheep Co., in the descriptively named “Desert Grass” colorway. I like how in that original post I predicted that the yarn would be good for autumn knitting, and now here we are in late autumn, and I’m Christmas…


Nov 23rd, 2007 other, work, yarn p8rn fridays

In addition to current knitting projects and reading material, I made sure to bring a new skein of sock yarn with me for gratuitous travelling yarn pictures! The seasonal changes may have motivated my purchase of his Twisted Fiber Arts Organic Stripes, or maybe it’s just great luck that the skein I chose blends perfectly with our surroundings here in New York this autumn. The…

rubbing elbows

Nov 16th, 2007 cooking, work, yarn p8rn fridays

Yesterday, Franklin of the Panopticon and the 1000 Knitters Project visited us at work. As if his personality weren’t sweet enough, he brought us brownies that were still warm when he got there! They were gooey and delicious, and it turns out his secret recipe involves 5-year-distilled vanilla-infused vodka. It was a special day indeed! Franklin spent the morning bonding with Beth‘s dog, and taking…


Nov 9th, 2007 yarn p8rn fridays

The fruits of my yarn-buying spree are trickling in in the mail, and naturally I want to photograph them for my Ravelry and here. Simple enough, right? Unless you count the frustration/hilarity that is my mostly broken old camera! You can’t actually take pictures with it, because the focus/shutter button seems to have no effect. Luckily, the camera takes its own pictures about 1 second…

sneak peek

Nov 2nd, 2007 knitting, work, yarn p8rn fridays

With the decreasing sunlight hours, Fiber Fridays is looking more and more like Try To Find Time to Shoot Thursdays. I rushed home last night to take pictures before the sun went down, and I am so glad I did! I’m so pleased with this week’s photos that I had a really hard time picking just a few to post here. (The rest can be…