felt on friday

Jul 27th, 2007 knitting, pets

Sometimes the most benign type of exercise is the type that you don’t even realize you should be grumpy about because it’s a side benefit of something else enjoyable. That’s how I feel about my recent felting projects. The washing machines in the basement of my apartment building don’t get hot enough to really felt things, so I do it by hand in the sink…


Jul 20th, 2007 pets, yarn p8rn fridays

My stitch marker exchange pal sent me this lovely sock yarn this week, Wildfoote from Brown Sheep. My first thought for a project for these was men’s socks for Rob, something cabley. But when I showed him potential cabled sock patterns, he told me that cable knit socks look feminine to him. Couldn’t the lines just be straight, he asked. Hmm…. ribbing. Lots of ribbing….

loopy lamb & lovely linen

Jun 24th, 2007 knitting, other, pets

  Why, you ask, does this little sheep look so confused? Maybe her head is spinning from being bounced around the USPS system. More likely an identity crisis from working as an undercover, secret pal sheep in a supposedly no-sheep swap! Yes, I’ve received a delightful present from my secret pal, who apparently couldn’t resist the adorableness of this little critter, or else just wanted…

working Wick

May 7th, 2007 knitting, pets, work

I’ve finished the second glove of the Dashing set, but I can’t provide photographic evidence since both gloves are not currently at the same house. I won’t bore you with pictures of the recently completed glove, just take my word for it that it’s a lot like the first one. Besides, how would you be sure I wasn’t just showing you more pictures of the…

when animals attack

Apr 24th, 2007 books, pets

Don’t you love when all the different aspects of your life show off their hidden harmony, and synchronized coincidences link up into recurring themes? Someone I met named Cornflower called this ‘being on time,’ as in, I may be late to work because I was in the aquarium store, but I was perfectly on schedule to get take notes on life’s lessons. Tonight’s post’s coincidence…