Oct 16th, 2007 other

  If you’re anything like me, the changing season has you feeling thoughtful, inspired, and hopeful. I strongly urge anyone feeling flush with the autumn bounty of cool nights but warm sweaters and warm feelings to share some of that plenty over at Amy’s blog. She’s showing an amazing commitment (both financial and pedestrian) to the great cause at the Breast Cancer 3-day, and deserves…

knit Rx

Sep 22nd, 2007 knitting, other

It’s official! I have Startitis, and it’s exacerbating my Second Sock Syndrome. When I uploaded these photos a minute ago, Ravelry just told me that I have all of 5 different works in progress. Two of which I just need to knit the identical second half of. Yikes! Still, I am happy with my newest project, Cheryl Niamath’s Wisp from Knitty. I’d been eyeing the…

Wednesday – work in progress

Sep 12th, 2007 knitting, other, pets

(Please London, my knitting progress this week hasn’t been that boring. I mean, I should be the one yawning because you insist on waking me up in the middle of the night with your real-estate-hogging ways! It’s not all that cold yet, Ms. Let’s Conserve Heat By You Cuddling My Irresistable Fuzz.) The cooling weather has definitely been motivational for my knitting and Ravelry-ing. It…


Sep 7th, 2007 knitting, other

My Pimlico Shrug did double duty in northern Europe, it was a lot chillier there this time of year than here in muggy Chicago, and for the most part I neglected to pack accordingly. It was delightful to enjoy sweater weather again though! It was quite motivational for the knitting, too. Thanks to Ravelry I’ve got so many exciting knitting plans coming up, if only…